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Money is confusing.

We’ll help you figure it out.

From a biblical perspective.

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  Minneapolis-St. Paul, MN & Worldwide

How It Works

1. Free Introductory Call

2. Compile Your Information 

3. Create a Clear Plan

4. Live With Confidence


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How We Can Help You


Strategize how to invest your money so you can reach your long term goals either on your own or with our help.


Develop a cash flow plan so you know where your money is going and can be intentional about your priorities, such as paying down debt.


Figure out how you should be saving in order to retire comfortably without sacrificing too much of the present for the future.


Make sure you have the most appropriate forms of insurance in place to protect you and your family from the curveballs of life.


Manage your money with Godly wisdom and generosity.


Prepare for your family’s future, whether a college education or your eventual passing.

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