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A New Financial Conversation

The Dollar Derail

Guide Financial Planning's Ben Wacek joins Zach Ashburn of Reach Strategic Wealth on Christian financial podcast The Dollar Derail for some quick conversations to change your financial train of thought.

The Dollar Derail is intended for general information and entertainment purposes only and should not be considered investment, tax, or legal advice or as a recommendation for the purchase or sale of any security.

Episode 23: How Much Should I Be Giving Away?

Are you feeling the tension between your personal goals and your desire to help others? If so, you aren't alone. This is a question that challenges finances, values, and spiritual beliefs. In this episode, Ben and Zach talk through a new perspective on giving and growing in generosity.

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Episode 21: What Should I Do With My Next Dollar? (How To Save For Retirement, Part 5)

This episode finishes the series on saving for retirement by offering a retirement checklist to answer the question, "What should I do with my next dollar?" You have a lot of options for your money and developing a strategy will likely make a big difference in your outcome. It only takes a few steps to make progress toward retirement readiness and this episode lays out a path to follow along the way.

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Episode 20: How To Save For Retirement, Part 4

Monthly Social Security payments make up a large portion of many Americans' retirement income, but how does Social Security work and what does it mean for you? In this episode, Ben and Zach explore how the system functions as well as steps you can take to make sure you are planning correctly to maximize your benefits.

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Episode 19: How To Save For Retirement, Part 3

In part 3 of the retirement series, Ben and Zach explore the accounts available for you to open as an individual. IRAs and HSAs are a vital piece of the retirement puzzle and may plan a significant role in your retirement savings strategy, especially if you don't have access to a workplace retirement plan.

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Episode 17: How To Save For Retirement, Part 1

An explanation of the different types of accounts that can be used for retirement savings (savings accounts, workplace retirement accounts, IRAs and HSAs) and how they relate to tax advantages and investment returns.

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Episode 16: Should I Lease Or Buy A Car?

A look at different factors that should play into the decision of whether to buy or lease a car with some practical steps you can take to come to a decision based on your own unique goals and situation.

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Episode 15: Should I Start A (Side) Business?

We've spent a lot of time talking with clients who are unhappy with their jobs, excited about a side-hustle, or on the verge of leaving their company to strike out on their own. In this episode, we talk through what we've learned about starting a business (or side business) from our experiences as financial planners and as business owners ourselves. Ultimately, this week we offer a better question that hopes to expand your perspective as you make a decision that may change your life.

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Episode 14: How Should I Navigate A Job Change?

Your job represents a concentration of risk to your financial plan and many people have felt some insecurity in their employment during the recent crisis. In this episode, Ben and Zach discuss improving your train of thought around job changes and offer practical tips as you weigh possible opportunities.

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Episode 13: Am I On Track For Retirement?

There are frequent references in the media to "America's Retirement Crisis" due to a lack of preparedness and savings. In this episode, Ben and Zach talk through what it means to be "on track for retirement" and re-frame this common question to help both soon-to-be retirees and people starting out their savings journeys gain a new perspective on planning for the long road ahead.

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Episode 12: How Do I Handle Insurance?

We all struggle to contemplate the dangers that abound in our lives. In this episode, Ben and Zach talk through how we can ask a better question to assess how we want to deal with these dangers. They use an analogy to help imagine how risk management strategies might work and helpful tips on the types of insurances that are important through different life stages and transitions.

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Episode 11: How Do I Deal With Credit Card Debt?

Ben and Zach go beyond "snowball vs. avalanche" to ask a better question about finally dealing with your credit card debt. Whether you're starting out with credit or have been looking to manage your credit better for awhile, this episode will offer insights and practical points so you can work to improve your relationship with money.

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Episode 10: What If I'm Just "Bad With Money?"

In this episode, Ben and Zach deal with the common attitude of "I'm bad with money and that's just the way it is." They offer insights into how to overcome the barriers that stop you from dealing with your money productively and resources to help take the steps to get on track.

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Episode 8: How Do I Teach My Kids About Money?

Have you ever wished you could help your kids avoid learning lessons about money the hard way? Join Ben and Zach as they draw on their knowledge and experience to share some creative ways and new mindsets around teaching your kids about money.

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